Kente cloth colors and meanings

Kente is one of the most popular ethic cloths that show a strong link to the African heritage. This cloth is native of Ghana.Itis not only popular and reserves a special importance in Ghana, but also amongst the Africans around the globe, especially African American. For the African Americans, it has been long associated with African culture and heritage and Black politics. Although, initially it was only used by the rich and elites of the society and it was made with silk and it was expensive clothing with bright and vivid patterns. Now there are kente fashion specialized websites such as In short, this cloth was only afforded by the Royals of the Asante royal family as it was expensive.

With the progress of time and with making the Kente fabric with a mixture of silk and cotton with much simple designs has led to a wide spread availability of this popular cloth and are worn by the regular citizens..  This fabric is not worn regularly but only for special events and ceremonies. There are many items, such as, bags, shoes and accessories such asKente chokersmade with this cloth. There are many vibrant colours of thisfabric and each colour has got their specific meaning. To know more, this article will take a look at the Kente cloth colours and meanings.

The colors of the Kente fabric and their meanings

Blue coloured Kente means peace, love and harmony and togetherness.

Black colour Kente indicates maturity, passing rites, funeral and mourning and spiritual energy.

Gold colour Kente indicates the symbol of high worth, fertility, richness, monetary wealth and also prosperity.

Green colour Kente indicates vegetation, crop, spiritual growth, renewal and harvest.

Grey colour Kente indicates the healing rituals, symbol of ash and it is worn during the rituals of cleansening

Pink colour Kente indicates the mild and feminine qualities. It is worn by girls and women.

White colour Kente indicates pureness and it is for the rite of cleansening and festivals.

Maroon colour Kente indicates healing and mother earth.

Red colour Kente indicates funerals, death, and mourning ceremonies

Purple colour Kente indicates feminine and it is mainly worn by women and girls.

Silver colour indicates peace and joy and it also references to the moon.

The patterns are made with the help of the bright and vibrant coloured threads to represent the motifs which are common, the religious beliefs and also the political ideology. The main reason why the colours have got a major significance is because they help to interpret the meaning of the pattern that is on the Kente fabric.  This is why before opting to wear the Kente fabric or using items made from Kente, one should be aware of the colours that they are going to use and also take a look at the pattern of the fabric.  The colour symbolization of the Kente fabric is important for one who is going to wear or use it.


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